Household staff and hotel services in Crete


Renting a luxury villa for your stay in Crete is an opportunity to spend time for yourself and with family while enjoying the dream setting offered by our high-end villas. Villas with sea views and private pools and modern and spacious interiors that need to be maintained and taken care of throughout your stay. These are tasks and constraints that you can avoid by taking advantage of our private concierge services and the on-demand provision domestic and housekeeping personnel. Efficient and discreet teams to maintain the house and ensure that you can relax and unwind during your vacation in Crete.

Enjoy the services of a housekeeper with high-end services to take care of the details of daily life for you, in addition to small touches. Laundry services, pool maintenance, weekly and on-demand shopping, have access to true hotel services within your luxury villa with private pool and enjoy your stay in Crete to rest and not worry about anything. On demand, you will have access to high-end services worthy of a luxury hotel while staying in the intimate setting of a well-maintained and luxurious home.

Entretien de villa de luxe en Crète


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Booking your activities in Crete


Do not worry about the maintenance of the villa during your luxury stay in Crete. Our team of experts in high-end services and on-demand provision of personal assistants and housekeeping is at your service throughout your holidays in Crete.

Upon your request, we can organize cleaning and shopping throughout your stay in our villa rentals so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Our local network and knowledge of your maintenance and comfort needs enable us to offer tailor-made and on-demand private concierge services so that you can have a peaceful and relaxed mind throughout your stay. Our housekeeping and villa maintenance staff can be mobilized at any time to respond to your every request and need.

Do you need a private chef at home? Contact us so that we can find you the chef and cook at home who will take care of everything. Personnel can also be mobilized to serve. Villa maintenance personnel will be scheduled to come and take care of cleaning and laundry while you enjoy the villa’s comfort.

Contact us before and during your holidays in Crete to take advantage of our hotel services for on-demand provision of housekeeping and villa maintenance personnel so that you can take the time to rest during your stay in Crete.

Personnel à Domicile et de Maison en Crète

Discover our other bespoke services and private concierge offers


  • Gourmet and private Chef

    Gourmet and private Chef

    Experience new culinary experiences and discover local gastronomy. Reserve an exclusive table, organize a picnic by the sea, have a private chef for an exceptional meal, and personalized cooking or wine classes.

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  • Leisure activities and adventure

    Leisure activities and adventure

    Our high-end services will allow you to experience thrilling adventures! Customized and personalized excursions based on your preferences. Sail on a speedboat, discover Crete from a yacht, soar in the sky and see Crete from above, explore an ancient trail, take a horseback ride on the beach…

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  • Cultural activities and excursions

    Cultural activities and excursions

    Discover the local culture and history during your stay in Crete! Marvel at the cultural, mythological, and historical richness of the island, the birthplace of Zeus. Take private tours to ancient archaeological sites and ruins, exceptional houses, and discover the entire history of this wonderful island that is waiting for you.

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  • Wellness and relaxation

    Wellness and relaxation

    High-end and personalized services for wellness, relaxation, and beauty during your luxury stay in Crete. Relaxation and tranquility will be on the agenda of your vacation in Crete with meditation classes, beauty treatments, in-home massages, as well as personalized detox cures and private sessions with a naturopath and other healthcare professionals in our network.

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  • Remote work

    Remote work

    Spend your workdays in an exceptional and paradisiacal setting in Crete. In a peaceful and natural environment, enjoy an office with good internet connection and peripheral services to telecommute from Crete. Work remotely in a luxury accommodation  with a pool and enjoy high-end and personalized services to work efficiently while enjoying your evenings and weekends in Crete.

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  • Transportation and private driver

    Transportation and private driver

    During your stay in Crete, don’t worry about a thing and let us handle logistics and transportation. We offer a personalized service for arranging and booking transportations to meet all your desires! Our private concierge takes care of everything. Need a transfer from the airport? Planning a yacht, private jet, or helicopter ride? Want a car with a chauffeur for your stay? Just ask us and we’ll use our contacts and knowledge of the many transportation options on the island!

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