Culinary experiences in Crete


Take full advantage of Cretan gastronomy with our knowledge of local dishes and ingredients, as well as access to the island’s top culinary professionals. Our private concierge services are designed to guide you through a journey of Mediterranean and local cuisine, featuring fresh and varied produce such as vegetables, wild herbs, local fish, and meats. Cretan cuisine is not only delicious but also known for its health benefits, as the famous “Cretan diet” is associated with longevity and well-being.

At RL Consultancy, we offer you the opportunity to experience local cuisine during your luxury holidays in Crete. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive table reservation, a beach picnic with local products, or a private chef to prepare traditional Cretan dishes in the comfort of your luxury villa rental, we will cater to your every need. Our private chefs can introduce you to the island’s flavors without leaving your luxury accommodation, creating a unique culinary experience that you will never forget.

If you want to take the traditions and flavors of Crete with you, we can also arrange cooking or wine-tasting classes with local professionals. You’ll learn the secrets of the famous “Cretan diet” while discovering new gourmet delights. Our local network of producers and restaurateurs is at your disposal during your luxury stay in Crete, providing unforgettable gourmet experiences.

At RL Consultancy, we offer a personalized, high-end private concierge service that allows you to discover Crete culinary pleasures in style.

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Booking your activities in Crete


Don’t worry about managing your food logistics during your stay in our Crete villa rentals with private swimming pools and breathtaking views. We take care of it! Upon arrival, if you wish and on-demand, the fridge will be stocked according to your requirements and our concierges will have filled it up with local products to spare you the hassle of having to plan your own meals during your holidays in Crete (more about villa with private pool).

Booking a table at a top restaurant at the last minute and purchasing catering products for a picnic by the sea, we are at your disposal throughout your stay in Crete to ensure that you discover the Crete culinary pleasures.

Discover local producers and visit their farms and vineyards, we provide you with our local network. Need a driver for a last-minute errand and to move around without constraints, our private drivers are waiting for our call to serve you.

Experience Crete with tailored services adapted to your desires for escape, discovery and the provision of luxury services to make your stay in Crete as enjoyable as possible.

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Discover our other bespoke services and private concierge offers


  • Leisure activities and adventure

    Leisure activities and adventure

    Our high-end services will allow you to experience thrilling adventures! Customized and personalized excursions based on your preferences. Sail on a speedboat, discover Crete from a yacht, soar in the sky and see Crete from above, explore an ancient trail, take a horseback ride on the beach…

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  • Cultural activities and excursions

    Cultural activities and excursions

    Discover the local culture and history during your stay in Crete! Marvel at the cultural, mythological, and historical richness of the island, the birthplace of Zeus. Take private tours to ancient archaeological sites and ruins, exceptional houses, and discover the entire history of this wonderful island that is waiting for you.

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  • Wellness and relaxation

    Wellness and relaxation

    High-end and personalized services for wellness, relaxation, and beauty during your luxury stay in Crete. Relaxation and tranquility will be on the agenda of your vacation in Crete with meditation classes, beauty treatments, in-home massages, as well as personalized detox cures and private sessions with a naturopath and other healthcare professionals in our network.

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  • Home and household staff

    Home and household staff

    Luxury and tailor-made concierge services during your stay in Crete. We satisfy your every desire and logistical need in your luxury Crete villa rental ! We prepare in advance for your arrival and respond to all your last-minute requests thanks to our concierges and our well-established network on the island. Private decorator, florist, packing/unpacking, babysitting, pet sitting, security service, housekeeping, and more.

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  • Remote work

    Remote work

    Spend your workdays in an exceptional and paradisiacal setting in Crete. In a peaceful and natural environment, enjoy an office with good internet connection and peripheral services to telecommute from Crete. Work remotely in a luxury accommodation  with a pool and enjoy high-end and personalized services to work efficiently while enjoying your evenings and weekends in Crete.

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  • Transportation and private driver

    Transportation and private driver

    During your stay in Crete, don’t worry about a thing and let us handle logistics and transportation. We offer a personalized service for arranging and booking transportations to meet all your desires! Our private concierge takes care of everything. Need a transfer from the airport? Planning a yacht, private jet, or helicopter ride? Want a car with a chauffeur for your stay? Just ask us and we’ll use our contacts and knowledge of the many transportation options on the island!

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