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Whether you already own a property in Crete or are contemplating purchasing one for vacation rentals, RL Consultancy is your go-to property management company in Crete. Don’t let the stress and inconvenience of frequent travels to Crete burden you; let our expert team in Crete manage your property efficiently.

As seasoned professionals in property management, we understand the expectations of villa owners. RL Consultancy boasts an extensive network of local professionals and in-depth knowledge of Crete’s touristic assets, ensuring your property is well-represented, giving you peace of mind.

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Managing a villa rental on your own can be challenging and time-consuming. RL Consultancy specializes in rental management, handling the intricacies of organization, logistics, and marketing. We take care of check-ins, check-outs, and of advertising, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Explore our diverse selection of luxury villa rentals in Crete, featuring modern design, private swimming pools, stunning sea views, and other luxurious amenities. We are luxurious villas specialists that we select carefully to be able to match the need of guests looking for luxury accommodations in Crete.

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Renting a villa involves more than just providing accommodation. RL Consultancy excels in offering on-demand luxury concierge services tailored to your guests’ needs. From private chef services to household staff, transportation, and private assistance, we act as the perfect intermediary between you and your guests.

Our property management services are designed to cater to your specific needs. We will make sure your property is meticulously prepared for your guests’ arrival. Regular property inspection visits guarantee year-round maintenance and prompt attention to any issues that may arise with reports sent to you if a particular problem requires your attention. We can put you in contact with the right professional for the job and monitor their work.

Tailor our management services to your preferences with our assistance packages. Select from a range of services, including customer check-in and check-out assessments, laundry services, emergency assistance, and garden/pool maintenance. RL Consultancy ensures you have the flexibility to maintain as much control over your property as you desire.


For any further information contact property management experts and explain us what type of services you are looking for. Get to know us better and understand why we are suited to manage your property in Crete with rental management, concierge services for your guests, and maintenance of your Cretan luxury villa.

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