Memorable moments

Rowena, of Italian and New Zealand origin is a real globe trotter who has traveled to the four corners of the world. Rich of these experiences, she has developed a sharp eye, she seeks above all to sublimate a place, an emotion, a moment…
Her intuition, boundless creativity, contagious enthusiasm, thoroughness and great sense of organization make her THE person you want to have by your side to make the event of your dreams come true.
Her moto “There is no impossible, there are always solutions! “

Louis, of French origin, also a great traveler, is full of resources! Calm by nature, he will be a good ear to listen and understand everything you want to experience, transmit and share through your beautiful event. He is also the technical part of the team, with a large experience in the event world, he will immediately know how to logistically meet Rowena’s creative needs in order to make your moment unique, out of the ordinary and suspended in time.

Emotion, creation, passion.
Each event produced by R&L Consultancy is a new book that is written through the bonds forged, the shared tears of joy, the tenderness of the looks, the intimate complicity, the energy that emerges, the imagined surprises, the wonder, the “ying & yang” balance, the travels, the sharing…

The various partners that the agency will present you have all been selected meticulously and all share the same sense of ethics, respect, “savoir vivre” and a rigorous sense of work.

Our common missions; make your dreams come true.

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